A Guide To Wedding Videography Using Wedding Movie Maker

Step By Step Instructions On Using Our Wedding Videography Service

The Wedding Video App

Wedding Movie Maker

Documenting your wedding day has never been easier or more affordable than by using our innovative app. It really is that easy, just follow our step by step guide to wedding videography and get an awesome wedding video

Wedding Video App
The Wedding Video App

Choose A Video Package

We offer three different wedding videography packages depending upon your needs

The Basic $99 Wedding Videography Package is a fun way to record your wedding day. We’ll make a short video (up to 3 minutes) including titles and music that you can share on social media or send to your friends and family. All the clips from your wedding day are available to download, so if you have a professional wedding videographer you can pass the ones you like over to them to include in your main wedding movie.

Maybe you’ve chosen not to have a wedding videographer. If that’s the case then our $299 Premier Wedding Videographer Package includes everything in the Basic Package and in addition, our professional video editors will produce a longer, more complete wedding video (up to 45 minutes) that we’ll send to you on a special crystal USB in a beautiful presentation case.

Wedding Memories USB $GB
Presentation Crystal USB

If you want something totally unique we also have our $599 VIP Live Wedding Videographer Package which includes everything in the Premier Package. However our video editors are online live during your wedding day. As clips are shot by your guests they’ll create short up to the minute videos for you to share immediately.

Whichever wedding videography package you choose you’ll be in complete control of the clips that you want included in your wedding movie. The app will notify you each time a clip is uploaded by your wedding guests and these are kept entirely private until you approve them. You can also designate a trusted friend to approve clips too. When clips are approved they appear in the app on the timeline and can be shared on social media by your wedding guests.

Download The App

Share the App With Your Friends & Wedding Guests

Once you have booked your package you’ll receive an SMS message and email with your unique shoot code. The SMS message also includes a link to both the Apple and Android app stores where you can download the Wedding Movie Maker app. The email also includes a simple questionnaire where you can detail the style of your video.

Install the appropriate version, login and enter your shoot code. You can then invite your friends and guests to use the Wedding Movie Maker App by using the “invite friends” option in the menu. They’ll receive a text message with your unique shoot code and a link to the app stores. You can also record and upload a short video message for your guests that is pinned to the top of the timeline. Additional menu options include giving a trusted friend approval status so they can approve clips as they are uploaded by wedding guests.

After logging in and entering the shoot code guests are ready to begin filming clips. If you have a wedding videographer you could ask them to share the type of clips they would like to include. Each time a clip is filmed you will receive a notification to view and approve it. Once approved it will appear on the timeline for all guests to view and share. If you don’t want to approve the clip you can reject it and it will remain hidden from everyone.

Remember, as soon as you have booked your wedding videography package and share your shoot code you can begin filming. So it is entirely possible to record events before your wedding day. Maybe your bachelorette party or dress fitting? By using the clip approval feature you can keep clips hidden until you’re ready to share them

Filming a wedding with an iphone
Filming Your Wedding

Our Video Editors Get Creative

Our team will edit your beautiful wedding video with style and creativity

Your approved clips are immediately available to our professional video editing team. Our team specialise in making wedding films. They’ll create a stunning video that is tailored to the style that you have chosen. This includes colors, titles and music.

If you have ordered the VIP Live wedding videography package our team will upload short videos throughout your wedding day. These will appear on the timeline in the app. Again you have complete approval control. Once approved your friends and guests can post and share them.

After your wedding day we’ll email you a download link to your finished wedding video. If you want to pass clips over to your wedding videographer you can download all the unedited clips in bulk too.

Depending on your wedding videography package we’ll also mail out your wedding video on a keepsake crystal USB in beautiful presentation case.

Wedding Video Presentation USB
USB Presentation Case

Release Your Wedding Video

It’s time to share your video with friends & family

You’ve watched the video ten times and love it! It’s time to release the video to your friends and family. Your loved ones who were there on the day will be excited to see the videography work they helped make. For those who couldn’t attend the wedding, they will be overjoyed to get a glimpse of how wonderful the wedding day was.