A Genius Wedding Video App, Videographers don’t want you to know

The wedding industry is reacting to the pandemic with innovative acts of creativity designed to make sure couples and their guests still have a wedding experience that is intimate, meaningful, and emotional.

One perfect example is a video service company called Wedding Movie Maker, a Wedding Video App, that gets guests involved in documenting and celebrating the wedding day in a cool and creative way. It is a clever app designed so users can make mini wedding videos on their phones.

What can be done with the Wedding Video App?

Before the wedding day, the bride and groom send the wedding video app details to their guests to put onto their smartphones. Guests at the wedding and the guests who can’t attend can use the app to make video messages for the couple.

Guests attending can showcase the wedding day highlights, behind-the-scenes moments, and all the gorgeous details that wedding days are full of. They can record those wow wedding moments and capture footage of the beautifulness such as flowers, signage, food, drinks, wedding favors, and decorations from the ceremony right throughout the reception and even after the party. Using this video app is super fun and easy (even after lots of celebratory drinks).

The guests who couldn’t attend can still feel like they are a part of the big day. Some can get into being virtual wedding guests by getting dressed up and popping some champagne as they celebrate the wedding couple no matter where in the world they might be. We say cheers to that positive attitude!

What does the Wedding Video App do?

When the clips are created, they go straight to the Wedding Movie Maker professional video editing team, pushing short, curated wedding videos back to the video app to be enjoyed immediately. Also, a complete wedding video is edited and sent to the couple later. Imagine the new Mr and Mrs loving seeing the video on their honeymoon and getting super excited to send it out to friends and family before they even get home.

This is one of the most creative wedding ideas to come out of the pandemic era. It is a forward-thinking and ingenious idea at the time the world needs it most. Brides and grooms are thankful for this new, inventive service with just a hint of reality tv vibes about it. Since Covid-19 is forcing many weddings to be scaled down to smaller events, this wedding video app will reunite everyone who would have been together on the wedding day.

It also connects guests who wouldn’t have been able to attend even if the pandemic didn’t exist—the friends who just had a baby or elderly family members who couldn’t travel. Everyone can attend the wedding day thanks to Wedding Movie Maker’s genius minds and the magic of modern technology.

For brides and grooms on a tight budget, this service is a blessing. Or it can also be used in addition to hiring a professional photography and videography team to capture the wedding day. The perspective of the video team and the guests will be vastly different, so having both will keep couples happy.

We say you can’t have too many wedding photos or too much video footage of your best day ever!

Prices start at under $100

Visit Wedding Movie Maker for more information.

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