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It’s safe to say we never thought we’d be writing an article on templates to postpone weddings due to a pandemic, but here we are. Our thoughts are with you as we all navigate this difficult time.

We’ve been inspired with the positivity that so many of you guys are sharing right now, and we’re so proud of our industry – the way that we’re all coming together to manage this tricky situation is, quite frankly, bloody amazing.

Deciding whether to proceed with your wedding (with the newly required distancing and recommended hygiene measures in place) or postpone your day is a question many couples are grappling with right now. There are a multitude of reasons why many are deciding to reschedule their celebrations:

Reasons you might consider postponing your wedding

Some considerations 

If you are sensibly weighing up the option of changing your wedding plans, we’d always strongly advise you postpone rather than cancel your big day. Not only will this decision mean you won’t be losing money that you’d put down on deposits to secure your wedding team, but you’ll be keeping your amazing suppliers in business. It’s a very tough landscape out there right now, with postponements due to COVID-19 meaning that much of the industry won’t see any income for months. And there’s no firm end in sight.

Also, we’d also encourage you to consider being open to rescheduling your wedding to a weekday or ‘off-peak’ day – basically, Monday to Thursday. With the volume of weddings from the first half of 2020 now being moved to late 2020 and into 2021, it means that many businesses simply won’t be able to keep the doors open if all their weekends are taken and they can’t book in new couples.

Even as we type this, we realise this is tricky for many. We completely recognise this isn’t a decision that you’re probably making voluntarily. You didn’t ask to be put in a position where you were forced to reschedule your wedding, so there may understandably be some resistance to this idea. But we wanted to share this with you, because we know for some venues and vendors, it’s the only thing they can offer right now in order to keep the lights on. We all need to be gentle with each other and work together to find compromise that will mean you get to have the best damn party ever.

Ways to tell your guests you’re postponing your wedding

On the topic of communication, there are a few quick and nifty ways of sending mass comms to your guests. We’ve outlined these here:

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If you haven’t made the tricky decision whether to proceed or postpone your wedding, then take a read of our article answering a bunch of frequently answered questions on COVID-19 + weddings here.

OK, here are some templates and assets we hope may be helpful for you.

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