10 Simplest Diy Tips Every Bride To Be Should Follow

Outfit check. Guests list check. Makeup artist check. Wedding cards check. Venue Check! What’s left, ladies!?

When there’s a wedding, there are a number of important things on the checklist. From outfit to makeup, décor to photographer, everything requires time and attention because it’s once in a life time event for a couple who have decided to get hitched. Weddings are full of amusement, dance moves, mouth-watering cuisines and a lot of cheerful faces, and of course some gorgeous outfits which everyone loves to capture to make these memories forever endearing.

You might be busy planning your wedding day with the love of your life which might be within a month or so. Juggling between your day job, outfit fittings, shopping, and meetings with your weddings planner might be keeping you super busy and bit stressed out. Hold on, it’s just a little time but stress can take a toll on your body, treating yourself well during this busy time is equally important. You need to ensure that you look and feel your best on that big day you’re so busy planning for. Every bride should look like a star at her wedding. But you might be missing the real purpose of doing rounds of planning and shopping which is – your best look. Where’s that gone!?

So, it’s equally important to take care of your health and lifestyle. Here is the listing of some easy DIY tips and procedures that every bride-to-be can feature in to her preparation schedule – which will save your time, effort and money while bringing the best out of your flawless personality. Let’s do it, stunners!!!

Basic Beauty Routine

Wedding bells are your everyday alarm but you really need to sleep on time to value that alarm. To follow a proper routine is so important for a healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget that basic routine and practice make a person perfect. Drinking water on regular intervals, eating healthy veggies and fruits and sleeping on time might sound like a cliché but these practices actually work as described in those health magazines. Make a routine for every little thing which matters to you and your body, starting today can lead you to a brighter future. Make sure you look beautiful even after the wedding makeup will fade off and start your new life as you have always wished for.

Forgo Chemicals For Home Treatments

Remember the time when mom used to scream out loud on us for using all those chemical fairness products and too much makeup on our face!? Well, nothing is pure other than mom’s love but we took her advices for granted and fell for the non ending process of these chemical preservatives that are found in store-bought beauty products. Have you ever wondered exactly what ingredients your beauty products are made of? Are you sure that the ingredients in your beauty products are safe? With the wedding around the corner, you can’t afford to get your appearance and overall health affected by these chemicals. From makeup remover to face scrub pack recipe, everything is floating all over the internet to help you in making homemade beauty products with natural ingredients. Old is gold and so is your body.

Smile – It’s the best beauty secret in the book!
Beauty really does start from within and it’s absolutely free. It just requires a dedicated will. Fill yourself up with happiness, confidence and laughter. The happier you will feel the prettiest you will look on your big day! Get above stress and tension. You should know that stress is the worst beauty buster around, so anything you can do to reduce stress and help you to relax will help to ensure you look and feel your best. Do the stuff that makes you happy and keep you satisfied.

Perfect Fitness Regime

Be healthy before wealthy!
Always remember you can win anything in this world with a smile on face, peace in mind and a fit body. And moreover, you have to be fitted in the pretty bridal lehenga you have dreamed of wearing all your life. It’s normally seen that girls before their wedding gain or lose weight in high amount. And believe me, that lehenga fitting can’t be done at the same moment. If you think you’re gaining weight, join Yoga or gym. If you think you’re losing weight, ensure a proper diet. Meditate or exercise to keep yourself calm and perfect for the big day.

Cleansing And Exfoliating

Taking care of your soft and clear skin is the basic. Cleansing will ensure that the skin is dirt free along with removing unwanted fat, dust and bacteria. It will keep the skin pores open and help it to breathe better.

Exfoliating helps in getting rid of dead skin and blackheads along with brightening the skin. It will also help you in creating a smoother surface for your wedding make-up application.

You should also consult with the professional before a few days of your wedding and seek for the advice in order to ensure your skin care routine is right. With the help you can make sure of having top-notch condition for your skin and the makeup will look ultra flawless.

Proper Hair Care

Strong and shiny hair is the envy of peers!
A good hair day on your wedding day is like a cherry on the cake. In the desperation of looking beautiful on the big day; we generally focus on the perfect outfit, royal jewellery and flawless makeup but we tend to avoid the hair!? It’s really important to feel confident and super attractive on your wedding and a good hair day can do all these wonders for you. This makes hair care is one of the mandatory aspects of our beauty regime. Lack of proper care ensures that most of us suffer from hair fall, dry/oily hair or unhealthy looking hair. And even after wedding, no woman wants to lose the precious hair.

Recheck The Shopping List

Re-check alert!
I know you must have made a long shopping list including beauty products to honeymoon lingerie. And you got almost succeed in getting all the stuff bought and packed. Everything falls correctly at the place on your wedding day. Nothing more, nothing less should be your mantra. But something or other always left from the list. Wedding is not a small event my friend, everything changes after the big day. Especially for girls, from your wardrobe to lifestyle, a few spices keep getting added and boring stayed behind. Always believe in better late than regret!

Pre-Budgeting – Always Best

Hiring a wedding planner can make your job easier but you just can’t run away from your responsibilities. After all, it’s YOUR wedding. You are the one who is spending your hard earned money. So make sure you spend that well. I agree you can’t keep an eye on every table at the venue and getting your makeup done at the same time. But bending your budget beforehand sounds like a great start. Make a list of all the expenses and see where you can mange in saving a few notes and investing them somewhere else. The listing can help you in ensuring that you’re getting everything you wanted and more, while coming in under your budget.

Schedule Necessary Trials

Practice, practice & practice – Period!
Slipping into the bridal lehenga with those extra high heels on the same day is really not a great idea. If you’re not the one who is habitual of wearing heavy clothes and high heels, this is the time you practice of walking like a queen with these. Don’t overlook anything with flaw. If you are having any second thoughts about those high heels or the choli being a bit tight, get it fixed now. Have necessary trials of everything, from jewellery to outfit to heels.

Shop Post-Wedding Silhouettes

The whole wardrobe of yours is ready for the makeover and so are you. There might be so much stuff in your closet which you are planning to leave behind in there and you possible have bought so many new classy ensembles for after wedding events. Before packing the suitcase which you are planning to take along with you, make sure you have got everything you would need in new home and life. From sultry honeymoon lingerie to woo your husband to luxurious ethnic sarees for dinner events with new family, everything should look perfect just like you.

Time keeps running & there is always last minute crisis. But, by starting early and doing a little here and a little there, the fallout will be minimized. It’s time to glam up your bride game.

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