10 Essential Wedding Planning Tips from a Wedding Planner

Planning tips and hacks for brides that will make your process SO much easier | What I learned from being a wedding planner

I have been a financial analyst, a wedding planner, a maid of honor AND a bride myself, so I have seen weddings thing from like every angle at this point. I wanted to put together one video with the best tips I have discovered through all of my different roles – so here it is, the best I’ve got!

Here are the links for all of the videos I mentioned:
Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Budget (+ Free Budget Worksheet): https://youtu.be/obxPaEqJ3xU

Big Picture Vision Video (+ Free Worksheet): https://youtu.be/wGTFsMlqGhU

Weekly Wedding Planning Routine: https://youtu.be/E7nbJplyLko

Get the Unveiled Ultimate Wedding Planner here: https://www.theunveiledbride.com/the-ultimate-wedding-planner

Let me know if these are helpful by giving this video a thumbs up! Also, I would LOVE to hear from you girls in the comments – what kind of content do you want to see more of? What questions do you have?

Happy Planning!
xo Kyle James

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