7 Tips to Keep Your Wedding Day Drama and Stress-Free

The very last thing you hope will be present at your wedding is drama. Since weddings are a moment in people’s lives where the majority of people they know come together to celebrate them, drama can seep through and come out to play, especially if it already exists between certain groups of people.

If you’re looking to take action before your big day arrives to make sure that your wedding is 100% drama free, here are seven things you can work on doing as soon as possible.

A Strategic Seating Chart

Spend quality time with your fiancé by identifying the people who you feel should stay away from each other at the wedding. Make sure certain groups of people are seated far away from each other, or if they have to be at the table, tell other people at the table to work hard to make sure they keep their peace with one another. If you’re eager to make sure you have eyes and ears on all the drama with your friends and family members, ask a few of them to let you know if there are any specific people you should separate, so you know what drama is alive and well before your wedding day comes around.

A Plethora of Activities

Keep your guests busy. The less time they have to sit around a hotel with one another brainstorming things they can do to keep busy before the wedding the less time they will have to stir up drama. Set them up with an itinerary of places they can go around the local town and activities they can chose if they want to add a little more action into their weekend plans.

Someone to Manage Your Phone

You will notice that on your wedding weekend, even though you gave your guests a full itinerary and instructions for where to be and when, they will still be hitting up your phone with questions galore. Pass your phone over to someone you trust so that they can manage the incoming texts and calls without you getting frustrated.

A Hiding Spot

You and your fiancé should have a designated hiding spot in your wedding venue that you two can go to for some quiet alone time. If drama does happen at your wedding or you just feel like it would be a good time to have a chat with your fiancé, having a pre-planned secret spot to meet will make it easier for you to communicate on the day-of.

Extra Communication with Your Partner

Even if there’s drama happening around you with your friends and family members, be sure to make a pact with your fiancé that you two will make sure the day is drama-free for one another. Talking about potential issues before they happen on the wedding day is the best way to make sure nothing gets in between you two on the most special day ever.

Warning Chats with Your Problematic Guests

If you and your fiancé already have a list of people you are crossing your fingers will behave at your wedding and not stir up any drama, it’s worth it to have a conversation with them before the big day. Ask them nicely to not start any problems with people or to bring up unresolved situations with other guests that may also be present. In addition to asking them not to do or say certain things, give them a friendly reminder of how much this day means to you and your fiancé and their support would mean the world.

A Care-Free Attitude

The final thing you and your fiancé can do to make sure that neither of you are bogged down by wedding drama is to adopt a care-free attitude. Accept that drama might flood your wedding and if it does, you won’t let it get to you or stop you from having the kind of night both of you deserve. But it doesn’t mean that the day after the wedding, you can’t lose your cool on the guests that decided to make your wedding feel like an episode of The Real Housewives.

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