Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips For Indian Brides – Beauty Regime For Brides

A wedding is a time of celebration and excitement as you are starting a new life! But, this is also time to take care of your skin and overall well being. As wedding centers around bride and bridegroom, all the eyes will be on the bride and how she looks, it becomes crucial to start your beauty regime if you are a bride-to-be. As a bride to be, you have to take care of your skin and plan your wedding dress, jewelry etc. Looking calm and relaxed on the wedding day is also important as it adds up to your charm and beauty on the wedding day. It is better to start the preparations soon after the engagement or when the wedding date is fixed.

Here’s the beauty regime for the brides-to-be which makes the bride glow and stand out on her wedding day.

Skin Care

Skincare is an essential part of a bride’s beauty regime. Exfoliating the skin should be done on a regular basis at least weekly once. Exfoliation can be done using natural ingredients like gram flour mixed with curd, a mixture of olive oil and sugar etc. Moisturizing the skin is also essential for a glowing skin.

Pedicure and Manicure

As everyone observes the bride keenly, beautiful hands and feet form an essential part of bride’s beauty regime. Choosing the right nail paint for the wedding day can also be included in this regime.

Visit A Dentist

White shining teeth add up to the charm of any bride. Visiting a dentist for teeth clean up can add to the beauty of the bride.

Hair Care

Hair is another area which needs lots of care and this should be started at least a month before the wedding.  Applying hair masks and regular massage of scalp with coconut oil helps to get shiny hair. Applying natural hair masks like henna mixed with aloe vera, amla, Bringraj etc. on a regular basis helps in achieving the shining hair.

Eat healthy diet

Including lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet helps in making you look fresh and healthy.  Following a detox procedure can also help in making you look fresh on the wedding day.

Weight Loss

If you have time before the wedding, try to lose some extra weight. This makes you look beautiful and attractive on the wedding day.

Wedding Dress

Usually, brides prefer certain colors like red, green, yellow etc, as a wedding dress. Choosing the color of the wedding dress should be done based on your skin complexion, height etc. For instance, brides who have short stature can look good by choosing a simple silk saree instead of a heavy silk saree.

Makeup On Wedding Day

Choosing the right makeup for the wedding is important as it makes you look attractive. Choosing the right shade of lipstick, highlighter, eyeshadow etc. should be done based on the wedding dress, the time of wedding whether it is a day time or night time wedding etc.

Keeping yourself relaxed and following some techniques like meditation can help in making you calm and stress-free on the wedding day.!

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