Family Planning: Save Money, Buy a House, Ring, Wedding, Baby

《MUM》isn’t just for “Mum” stuff
We realised that we’d filmed some《MUM》vlogs already
It’s just easier to carry on using this to define family, dad stuff, kids’ stuff etc

Previously on《MUM》we’d filmed a Q&A, did a dad talks with Moses, talked about postpartum looking after yourself (mainly for mummy)…

Well, thx to you guys for giving this idea, we’re talking about family planning.
It involves more than just family tho, since we have to factor in work and other variables… it’s a lot to talk about!

Look after and love each other
Keep up the hard work (isn’t always easy)
Make your own decisions, don’t let people tell you what to do!!!
Love you all❤️

4:00 Wedding
4:43 Damon
5:30 Leaving tvb
7:16 Second sibling
8:49 Career
11:51 Education

#Save #BuyAHouse #Ring #Wedding #Baby
#賺錢 #買樓 #求婚 #結婚 #生小朋友

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