Top 8 Pre Wedding Beauty Tips for Indian Brides

Wedding is indeed one very special day of life for any woman. It’s not just about taking the vows or tying the knot and getting involved in a lifelong commitment. The emotional impact of wedding is very strong on a woman’s mind and especially the Pativrata Indian women spin a web of glorious dreams regarding their wedded life and their life partner whom they consider to be almost an asset; a precious gift from the Lord.

So every Indian woman wishes to make her wedding special by trying to look the best on her wedding day so that all eyeballs get fixed on her. Therefore in every Indian wedding pre-wedding grooming of the bride has a very vital role to play. Even when she departs from her father’s house during the Vidai ceremony and reaches the house of the in-laws, all relatives and neighbors will gather to take a look on the bride.

In other words bride’s getup, her makeup everything matters a lot in Indian weddings. So if your wedding date is fast approaching, gear yourself up for the pre-wedding grooming so that you can achieve your desired look on your wedding day and avoid the eleventh hour blues. Here are some tips for you:


1. It’s best to start your pre-wedding grooming at least two months prior to the fixed wedding date. What you should focus on first and foremost is your skin. It is obvious that uncountable photos will be clicked on the wedding day and your skin should look glossy, healthy and picture-perfect. Of course for a picture-perfect look you need to go for professional facial sittings but it is the professional who’ll decide how many sittings you require, what kind of facial your require, the timings of the facials and other beauty treatments that you may need.

2. Professional beauticians will usually advice you to stop any sort of dermabrasion treatments, glycolic peels or anything that involves the use of purely chemical cosmetics at least a month before the D-day because they may cause irritation, redness, severe allergic reactions. Also they’ll advice you to stay away from curling irons, tongs and straightening methods for your hair. You need to follow their advises zealously if you don’t want any fiasco on that special day.


3. Usually apart from facials the would-be bride also opts for professional beauty treatments like manicure, pedicure, hand & leg waxing, bikini waxing, eyebrow shaping, hand bleaching, teeth whitening, hair spas, new modern haircuts and trimmings, hair highlighting or perming and so on. But it should be kept in mind that though you take professional help for a perfect head to foot pre-wedding grooming, you yourself should take initiative to follow certain skincare, hair care and teeth whitening regimens on daily basis at home to speed up the process of grooming and get much better results.

4. For instance often in pre-wedding grooming facial package, there will be fairness facials. So simultaneously at home twice or thrice a week, you can use a face pack made out of dried orange peel in powdered form mingled with milk or yogurt. It will remove your tan and brighten your complexion.

5. Also make it a point to scrub you face with a home-made scrub made with equal parts of salt and sugar & olive oil. It will exfoliate your skin aptly removing all dead cells, the dullness and bringing out the natural glow. Furthermore make the job of the professional beautician easier by never stepping out of your house without applying sunscreen. It should come with a minimum of SPF 30.

6. For getting really lustrous tresses you need to oil your hair once or twice every week and massaging scalp with warm coconut oil can really nourish your hair, make it soft, silky and manageable. You can practice teeth whitening home remedies like rubbing lemons or strawberries on your teeth. These will bleach your teeth of all unwanted stains.


7.  Most would-be brides get a gold facial done the day before the wedding. This imparts an exceptional gold-like sparkling glow to their face and the wedding day hair styling and makeup is done by a professional beautician again. These professionals will give you can an expert touch matched with the color of your wedding garb, the shape of your face and the skin tone you have.

8.  Also it is very important for every would-be bride to switch to a healthy diet and drink lots of water daily prior to their wedding. A sound health can give you healthy skin, hair, nails and an overall glow and sign of well being.

So these are some vital tips for the pre wedding grooming of an Indian woman. Follow these tips and turn into a blushing glamorous bride from whom no one can move their eyes. 🙂


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