Your Wedding on a Budget

Guest Post By: Davis Miller

Your wedding should be the most beautiful event of your life, so let it be. Don’t let anything ruin it. Planning your wedding begins with planning your budget first. You probably have an idea of what you want, but it’s very important to settle on a budget before getting started. You certainly don’t want to end up in debt, right? To avoid seeing your initial budget triple, we recommend that you follow our 10 tips to help you stay organized.

1. What kind of wedding do you want to have?

First things first. Decide on whether you want a romantic wedding in a park or a more exclusive ceremony somewhere in a fancy ballroom. Use your imagination and picture the perfect wedding. Look online for inspiration. Pinterest is an excellent source where you’ll find a lot of useful ideas to put into practice.

2. Settle on a budget

How much money do you have to spend? Before getting started, settle on a wedding budget. Ask your parents and friends for help; some may contribute without offering cash. For example, you can ask a friend to be a DJ, or maybe they know someone who can sing very well and doesn’t charge a fortune.

3. Guest list

Prioritizing the guest list is a frugal way of keeping your wedding within budget. There’s really no point in inviting people you barely know only to get a gift from them. Intimate weddings with close friends and family are the best. Just think about: if you invite 100 people, you won’t have time to enjoy the wedding because you’ll have to make sure everyone else is having a good time (not to mention that you’ll spend extra cash on food and drinks).

4. Make a list of priorities

Talk to your future husband and together make a priority list. Grab a pen and a piece of paper, and get started. Call in advance to book the venue, decide on the flower arrangements that you want, assess photographers, and settle on a food menu. These are very important steps that need to handled way in advance.

5. Make sensible changes – compromise

Let’s assume that you want to spend more money on floral arrangements. That’s ok, but find a way to cut back on costs for other things, such as the wedding dress. You will wear once, meaning that it’s foolish to spend $10,000 on a dress.

6. Catering or Swedish buffet?

Catering services can be expensive. A cheaper option might be to arrange a Swedish buffet. This way your guests can eat what they like, and you won’t waste money on dishes that may not be a top preferences for some people. If you have a lot of kids invited, too, you should know they probably won’t like veggie dishes.

7. Custom dress

A custom wedding dress doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Buy the fabric and then start looking for the best tailors. The internet is your oyster, although you might want to search locally too. Not everyone markets their services online.

8. Outside venues

The most beautiful weddings are held in the summer. The weather conditions are extremely pleasant, and the beautiful décor outside will save you a lot of cash on floral arrangements. Pick a gorgeous garden, or decide from the many holiday cottages. The options are endless.

9. Table décor

A lot of people invest thousands on table décor. They decorate the chairs, the tables, and they add extremely expensive cutlery and china. However, nobody will judge if you keep things simple. Beautiful candles, seasonal flowers and tall glasses are enough to make an impression. Colorful napkins with customized messages for guests are highly recommended; they add an extra touch of originality, thus making your wedding become memorable without forcing you to spend all your budget on table arrangements.

10. Drinks

Alcoholic beverages, in particular, are very expensive. Rather than spend and have a lot of wine bottles at the end of your wedding, why don’t you ask your guests what they would like to drink at your wedding. Then you can prioritize. A smart move is to have punch bowls or cocktail bowls at the buffet. Everyone love a tasty custom drink!

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