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Wedding Movie Maker

The Wedding Video App

Is booking a wedding videographer too expensive or do you want a fun way involve your guests? Maybe you have pre wedding photos taken by your friends and you want a wedding proposals video to share on social media?
Here at Wedding Movie Maker we have the solution. Simply choose one of our wedding video packages get your guests to download our app and our professional editing team will use photos and videos taken by your friends and family to make an magical wedding video. We can even have our team available to make videos throughout your wedding day for you to share immediately

Wedding Video App
The Wedding Video App

Here’s What You Get

Limited Availability

Choose one of our wedding video packages subject to availability and decide on a video style and colour scheme. Add some text for the introduction titles. Download our Wedding Movie Maker app and get your friends and family to film during your wedding day. Our professional team of video editors will create a stunning and uniquely personal wedding video for you to download and share with your family and friends. No robots, no AI here!

Behind The Scenes Photos & Clips

Sure, your wedding album & video are amazing. But it isn’t always possible for a professional to capture everything. Especially those magic moments that happened when they weren’t around!

Amazing Prices

Our editors are pros. No robotics or AI.  But here’s a thing, they work super fast so we can keep the prices down. After all, your guests have already done the hard work.

Short and Sweet

Yeah your mom and best friends will enjoy an evening watching your wedding day back but how about your work buddies? Nice to have a mini video to share on social media included in all our packages.

A Bigger Film Crew Than Hollywood

We know just how many photos and video clips are shot by wedding guests. You get to choose the best ones from a vast amount of content.

Watch The Video

As Easy As One Two Three…

4 simple steps to your unique wedding video with Wedding Movie Maker

Get Your Guests To Download The Wedding Movie Maker App

Guests can film and take pictures with our easy to use app. They get to see a wedding slideshow
of all clips and photos taken throughout the wedding day

Choose Your Photos and Clips

Use the app to highlight your favourite clips and hide any you don’t like
Or you can choose a package with your very own personal
wedding video editor where you can discuss the best clips,
wedding video songs and style

Our Talented Team Work Their Magic

We’ll take your best photos and clips, add the wedding video music
based on your choices and produce an awesome video

Download Your Wedding Video

We’ll send you a notification when your wedding video is ready to download.
We can also deliver your video on our special presentation
USB drive to any location worldwide

Wedding Video Presentation USB
Choose The Beautiful Wedding USB And Presentation Case With Wordwide Shipping
Olivia. Brand ambassador at Wedding Movie Maker

Hi, I’m Olivia,

I’m the brand ambassador for Wedding Movie Maker. 
We don’t set out to make wedding videos to make you cry but by using the photos and clips taken by your best friends and closest family your wedding video is guaranteed to be super personal and totally unique.

To maintain our high service levels and quality we are only able to accept a set number of orders for each date. I recommend that you book your wedding video package as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Choose Your Package

Limited Availability


Simple, fast and fun. Get your wedding guests involved in making your wedding video


15 packages available each day

Choose from a range of styles

Professional video editing

3 minute wedding video

Fast online delivery

Download all clips & photos



Everything from the basic package plus these great extra features


8 packages available each day

Choose from a range of styles

Up to 45 minute wedding video

3 minute social media video

Presentation USB

Wordwide shipping

Priority production

VIP Live

Our very special live service with everything from the premier package plus these amazing extras


Only 2 packages available each day

Concierge service

Videos created throughout the day

Available to share immediately

Post on social media

Let your audience see your wedding
day in realtime

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